Solar Panel - JA Solar 565W

JA Solar 565W - Solar Panel - Half Cell Mono Crystalline


Introducing the JA Solar 565W Mono PERC Half-Cell MBB LR MC4 – a solar panel engineered for maximum efficiency and longevity. Here’s a concise breakdown of its key features and benefits:

Product Spesifictaions: 

  • Rating: 565W
  • Efficiency: 21.4%
  • Width: 1,134mm
  • Height: 2,333mm
  • Price per Watt: (R3,158/Wp)
  • Less levelized cost of energy, ensuring cost-effectiveness over the long term
  • Increased power output even in partial shading, thanks to the multi-busbar configuration
  • Improved mechanical loading tolerance for extended panel longevity
  • A lower temperature coefficient ensures high power output even in elevated temperatures
  • 12-year product warranty for added peace of mind
  • Impressive 25-year linear power output warranty, showcasing long-term reliability
  • It comes supplied with Staubli MC4 connectors, ensuring hassle-free installation